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What we do


We are a team of young professionals led by a QuickBooks Online Pro-Advisor - Advanced. We are passionate about optimizing your DAILY FINANCES.


We work remotely and provide outsourced Bookkeeping services to Contractors,  Service-based and eCommerce businesses. We specialize in implementing customized QuickBooks Online-centric financial system that fits your needs.

  • Design and implement QuickBooks Online and apps

  • Month-End Close

  • Banking & Credit Card Reconciliation

  • Sales tax and payroll tax returns

  • Payroll processing

  • Reporting and KPIs

  • Design and implement QuickBooks Online and apps

  • Bank & Credit Card accounts Reconciliation

  • Account Receivables and Account Payables

  • Inventory Management

  • Sales tax & PayRoll tax returns

  • PayRoll processing

  • Month-End Close, Financial Reporting and KPIs

  • Difficult transactions processing

Benefits of working with us

Time and Cost Savings 
When you hire someone to do your daily finances, you will also have to deal with training, supervising and managing them. Outsourcing will cover your needs no matter what the volume is and can help you take time back and focus on core business operations.

Expertise and Experience 
Outsourcing gives you immediate access to experienced staff that will understand your challenges and will provide optimal solutions. Small businesses usually can’t afford this in-house. Our experts will also help your back-office staff leverage cloud technologies and be more efficient.

Flexibility and Scalability
Outsourcing gives you the flexibility to receive bookkeeping support when you need it and as much as you need it. In-House staff is a fixed expense regardless of the volume of work. Outsourcing also guarantees coverage and you shouldn’t worry if someone is on leave.

Customized reporting and KPI
Each step of the business is based on decisions. When it comes to prioritization, business planning, finances and increasing profits, making informed decisions is the key. Our experts will provide you with the intelligence you need through customized reports and KPI tracking.

Office with a View

Why Go To Virtual Desk?

Our Team here at Go To Virtual Desk has a strong background in helping small businesses in different industries with their Bookkeeping.

When working with Go To Virtual Desk, you get both managed services and best on the market software - QuickBooks Online. You benefit from having access to our experienced team that is passionate about implementing productivity for your business and automating your bookkeeping. 

Q & A

  • How do we work with you remotely?
    We are located in Ottawa, Canada. We will communicate with you through different channels - email, conference and video calls. We will exchange documentation directly in shared Google Drive.

  • What accounting software do we work with?

  • We work with QuickBooks Online and additional SaaS and 3rd Party Tools & Apps for it.

  • How much does it cost?
    The price will be based on the services you want to outsource to us and the volume of work.

  • When is our Customer involved?
    We collaborate actively with you as part of the onboarding so we can better understand your processes and challenges. As soon as we optimize and set up your new system, we will exchange information, data, reports and feedback as needed.

  • How do we exchange data?
    All in digital format and secured channels - shared Drive, email, 3rd Party applications

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